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Cute (PS’ed) Picture of a dog and cat being good buddies on Thanksgiving while dressed up as a pilgrim and Indian.

  • Bradleyslife

    what a gorgeous pic! almost as cute as the little puppies here!

  • Bradleyslife

    another gorgeous pitchers of dogs 

  • omg

    omg i want it

  • ASM12345

    Baby Mouse Monkey Bear

  • Tontodelcul

    lol some people are dumbass first all this is a rabbit, if you can’t tell the difference then don’t bother posting you obviously can’t tell your own head from your arse!

  • briana

    he is so cute i want him 

  • VERONIKA5325


  • Guest

    yeah, this is an english angora rabbit :)

  • Barbora

    This is roborovski dwarf hamster (baby), not mouse!

  • Popgal9876

    ~ Omg! <3 So cute! ~

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